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Dar Us-Sadat Complex

The complex arose after the death of the eldest son of Amir Temur, Jahangir (1376), whose mausoleum has dome ceiling in the shape of a cone. The complex is located to the east of the complex Dar – ut – tilavat. In the past, both complexes formed a single complex and were part of the main Shakhrisabz necropolis. In the mausoleum there is the tombstone (sagan) Jahangir.


According to other versions the mausoleum was erected in honor of the saint   Hazrat- i- Imam. The complex is also famous for the tomb of Amir Temur. It is assumed that the tomb of Umar-Shaykhis in this area. The gravestones plate of the grandson of Tamerlane- Sa’id  Ahmad-which is discovered near here suggests that the necropolis was the burial place of Temurids and the aristocracy of the Barlas genus, from which Amir Temur originated.

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