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Gumbaz-i Sayyidan

Mausoleum Gumbaz-i Sayyidan was built in 1437 by the order of the famous Mirzo Ulugbek (1394 – 1449), the grandson of Tamerlane. The tomb along with other buildings is a single and unique memorial and architectural complex of the Dar- ut – tilavat. It is adjacent to the mausoleum of Shams al – Din Kulala.(d.1368) from the south and on their appearance and the outer decoration recalls the architectural monuments of the Ulugbek  built in the necropolis of Shah –I Zinda in Samarkand.


Gumbaz- i Sayyidan crypt was built for family members of Termez branch of Sayyids (descendants of the Prophet). The interior of the mausoleum is decorated with floral ornaments. Inside the Gumbaz-I Sayyidan shrine there are gravestone socle plates of large size with inscriptions.

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