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Necropolis of Amir Temur

Thirty-five meters east of the remains of the entrance portal of the architectural complex of Hazrat Imam, there is the tomb, which experts believe Amir Temur had prepared for himself. The monument is a unique architectural structure, there is no such type throughout the Near and Middle East. Crypt has a cruciform plan because of deep arched niches. It’s built of limestone.

The entire surface of niches archivolt of arches, parts of panels and medallions are richly decorated with epigraphic inscriptions. The first acquaintance with the text of the inscriptions was made by Y.G.Gulamov in 1933. Later, in 1942, the monument became the object of research by M.E. Masson and G.A. Pugachenkova who wrote: “The Crypt, intended for a single burial, is striking in its strict reliability and extraordinary splendor.  ” Wall inscriptions are made in Sulsi script and contain fragments of the Koran. The inscription begins in the western niche of the crypt and continues in other niches. Suras of the Qur’an which have been identified: al-Mulk(67), Fatiha, 255 verses of sura  al –Baqarah, some well-meaning prayers (Du’a), the names of Allah(al-asma ‘al-Husna), as well as  the usual formulas of praising Allah for such monuments.

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