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Outstanding monument of the epoch of Tamerlane and Temurids.  Oksaray was built on the orders of Tamerlane after this campaign against Khorezm.  The construction started approximately in 1379. Two separate pillars of the entrance portal, whose height is more than 40 m currently survived.

The arch portal collapsed about 200 years ago. The well is 22.5 m. The entire surface of the northern façade is decorated with mosaic ornaments. Splendid composition of geometric patterns of various colors imitates oriental rugs. Under the plan Oksaray was an elongated rectangular building with the size of the yard 120-125×240-250m. According to the Spanish ambassador Clavijo, it was a three-part building, which consisted of an administrative part, the reception room and garden courtyard of two-storey premises for habitation. Eloquent poetry and prose texts made with sulsi, naksh, kufic scripts and plotted on different parts of the portal Oksaray. They captured the maximums of imperial power and the blessings of the governor for his subjects and for the benefit of his possessions, state about the passing of power.

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